Saturday, April 05, 2014

Yet another amazing EdcampMetroDC

So the good people of #edcampmetrodc hit it out of the park again. Hands down the best value in edtech PD. Great people, great learning, and oh yeah it's free.

I think my favorite takeaway was learning about Naina Boveja's start-up which matches students with NGO's around the world for a win/win internship (NGO's need people to do stuff for free, students need meaningful stuff to do). Are you serious??? Sounds awesome. More here:

I also enjoyed "things that sucked" which apparently is an edcamp staple. I just wish the name would change to "things that suck or rock" since both sides are considered. (I was hesitant to go since the title was negative, but the facilitator Tara Linney was fantastic).

Thanks to everyone who went to my 15 minute film school session. I'll make a video to capture the content from that class. Until then, here is my portfolio, lots of ideas to check out:

And here is a list of awesome student film festivals that I've actually submitted to:
  • StudentCam (C-SPAN)
  • Pendragwn Youth Film Festival
  • MCPS Environmental Film Festival
  • AU Eco Comedy Festival

I've never done these but they are probably awesome:
  • White House student film festival
  • Speak truth to power
  • Girls impact the world film festival
  • 90 second newberry
  • Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation film contest
  • Bethesda Film festival
  • Friends Film Festival (Baltimore)

My colleague Jason Jakaitis told me about these nationwide ones: 
  • Cineyouth in Chicago
  • Screenagers in Berkeley
  • SF Intl has a robust youth program
  • Teen Truth Film Festival
  • DocuJam in NY
  • Josiah Media Festival in Austin
  • Tower of Youth in Sacramento 

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