Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Best Collab That My Wife and I Do

So here is the best school project that I do. It's a collaboration with my wife (it's actually her brain child). The Tide Turners Club at The Lab School is a group of students invested in endangered wildlife and sustainability. Every summer we co-teach a three week long class, but this is not like a summer school class of yore. It's 21 days packed with fun and learning; here is the breakdown:

Week 1: Intenstive study week. We pick a sustainability issue, usually an animal in crisis, and study it in class for a week. We also learn basic film-making skills. (My wife teaches the biology, I teach the filmmaking). During this week we go on a field trip to the zoo and create a "practice" travel log movie.

Week 2: We travel to learn in depth about the wildlife that we studied in week 1. This year we went to Florida to study manatees. Students were expected to shoot extensive footage of their experience.

Week 3: We return to the classroom to document the week in film. Every student creates a travel log of their experience. The footage is shot on their phones and emitted on their iPads. Students also curate an exhibit of still photos of the trip in the school art gallery.

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