Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Reflections from EdCamp Leadership

So the head of the language department @MadeiraSchool knows a lot about international travel. She used to use expensive tour companies, but now she creates the tours herself and saves money by doing two week exchange programs with sister schools in Europe.

@MrVictorShin also knows a whole lot about international travel. He said one way to build a year abroad program is to start with an exchange program like they have at Madeira, and parlay that into a full year exchange program.

I also learned a great Periscope trick from @Sarahdateechur. She was facilitating a session, and she was live streaming, but some attendees had concerns about privacy. So she pointed her phone at the ceiling so the audience had audio and could still participate with questions. That was pretty cool.

So I saw @Kharima4 who took this crazy picture of her feet and the EdCamp logo and she said it was a Texas thing... and 24 hours later I realize this may be a "law of two feet" reference; I'm a little slow. I saw @sum_ideas who is a VERY talented young math/computer guy at Bullis.  I saw @Explr1 and @MABCPrincipal talking urban education, a topic I know little about, and it was very real.

The conference:
So @Joe_Mazza and his whole team did a great job organizing the conference. My only suggestion, and I'm not sure how others feel about this, is that each venue could use its own hashtag. The #edcampldr hashtag was deluged with tweets, I did not have time to sort through them, so I still have not really seen any tweets from a conference that I attended. I can barely walk and chew gum, so I could not keep up with that hashtag during the conference. For strong multi-taskers like @Sarahdateechur who can walk and chew gum and fry an egg and format her hard drive at the same time, I think they enjoyed the single hashtag... so I dunno.

Watch the video:
So we were at The Children's Guild in Baltimore; please check out this video and you will see the Amesomest. School. Hallway. Ever.

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