Sunday, July 19, 2015

Field trip to @1776 (with #CoffeeEDU appetizer)

I knew that collaborative work spaces for tech startups existed, but I thought they could only be found in Silicon Valley. Welp, I sure was wrong. There are at least five spaces in DC, one of which is @1776 in Dupont Circle. So #EDcampMetroDC members @ChipChase and @MarisHawkins organized a #CoffeeEDU meetup followed by a field trip to 1776.

After examining the 1776 website, I saw that for as little as $100 I could become a lifetime member, and I was stoked! Welp, that is a monthly fee (lol) so no tech incubation for me :-) But seriously, the space was exquisite and they have free events on Tuesdays and Thursdays; please see the video below for a tour! The Ed Pioneers alumni did a great job organizing it and making us feel welcome. More info about them:

Other attendees included @JacquieGardy @RobertK600, @MultipleFactors, @Sum_ideas, and SienaSimon. The pioneers included @Mhfreeman11 @EliseWestDC @PStaatsdc and the Edu-lawyers (did anyone get their handle?)  I also saw @Artshumuna who I had met at Media Rise.

The Event:
There was free pizza (thank you!) and like 90 minutes of Powerpoints (people seemed to enjoy them, but I was too ADHD and I just explored the space) followed by a neat Design Thinking activity from @StanforDschool which you can find here.

Watch the Video!
This is pretty funny, for real:

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