Saturday, April 13, 2013

Highlights from #EdCampMetroDC

So I love taking away nuggets from conferences. The organizers of today's EdCamp Metro DC were wonderful and the day flowed effortlessly. Here are a few highlights from today:

@jcwastler shared a great idea for a PD day: declare one afternoon to be a  FedEx PD day. At the start, share two guidelines 1) You should develop an idea that enhances student learning 2) You should present this idea at the end of the day. Brilliant. Reed @Rggillespie shared another amazing idea: at his school he organized a PD day that utilized the Edcamp model: a spontaneous, teacher-organized PD day.

Every year I meet wonderful people. Bill Hulseman of Stoneridge was awesome; all he does is organize Stoneridge's amazing community service program. Those kids do two full school days of community service per month. So great. Of course Jonathan Fichter (@MrFichter) was an all-star and I'm grateful that he managed a TodaysMeet backchannel during my session on integrated technology. 

Brain research is not my bag, but Glenn Whitman's team really seems to be on to something with the CTTL. At a thoughtful session about classroom design, people liked idea paint and seemed interested in hokki stools. 

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Sara said...

It was great to meet you today! Glad you enjoyed the day. @teacherromeyn