Thursday, August 06, 2015

Reflections from EdCampDVIS

One big takeaway was from @MrsLieberman356 who on back-to-school night will tape QR codes on student lockers which link to that students' portfolio... which seems more personal than simply emailing a link home.

My second takeaway was pure EdCamp magic. I was 10 minutes late to a session on refurbishing computers. I poke my head in and there is a guy sitting there, I figure it's a UPenn student doing his homework. Just for the heck of it I step in, and it turns out he is the presenter. No one else showed up, so for the next 40 minutes Sean Dolbec shows me how to install Linux onto a flash drive in order install Ubuntu onto old computers.

So many wonderful educators, among them: 
@kristenNsanchez (who was accompanied by like 10 amazing educators from Newtown Friends) @MEMurrayEDU (who helped me connect to the internet and works at a really progressive school called The Philadelphia School) @Kannengieszer4 (who wins rookie of the year honors by facilitating two out of three sessions at her very first edcamp) @karenjh (who helped organize a flawless edcamp and is a former FCPS edtech) and the entire Five Minute Film School team (see below).

The conference:
Free breakfast, free lunch - so helpful - I don't even have words. The only thing to improve next year is to include a sharing Slam - it's a best practice to have a Slam - usually after lunch or before the raffle. Amazing venue; my first time at UPenn.

Watch the video:
Zombie Academy, This about sums it up:

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