Sunday, September 29, 2013

Youth Media Rise Conference

I just got back from the Youth Media Rise conference, a one day affair in downtown DC run by Dr. Srivi Ramasubramanian's group out of Texas A&M. While there are not scores of youth media groups out there, the ones I met today are passionately run. I saw Mona and Richard from Gandhi Brigade who I met at the Youth Media Summit this summer. I also saw Lance from Meridian Hill Pictures whose tweet alerted me to this conference. Two new people I met were Jeff McCarter from Free Spirit Media who is doing great work in Chicago with youth media. I also met Ryan Hill from ArtLab+ who is right in my backyard at the Hirshorn doing great stuff at an after school drop-in center at the museum. Hilariously, when I went to the ArtLab+ website, there is a photo of a *Lab School student on the front page of the website*...  If that isn't the universe telling me to pay them a visit, I don't know what is :).

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