Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Highlights from AIMs Tech Retreat 2013

I value a conference by the takeaways.

David Googhasian's closing keynote was the first since Marco Torres seven years ago when I was engaged for the entire time. It was the perfect activity at the perfect time. We spent ten minutes writing about our takeaways. Then we shared them with the self-selected people at our table. Then we shared them again with people who share our job title. The we shared them AGAIN with people from our school. Genius.

I will remember Tim Schaffer's sharing Barrie's new modular space, featuring a repurposed library into a "research learning lab" where every space is a whiteboard, every screen has an Apple TV to show anyone's device, and all the furniture and walls can be moved around.

And of course, it's the people: the fun people who go the extra mile to build community like Dave Darefsky, Emily Letras, and Shannon Montague, and rookie of the year Meghan Jothen for inviting me to her lunch table -- and of course carpooler extraordinaire Jonathan Fichter, insightful and hilarious as always.

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