Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The 8th Grade Video Arcade

‎So here is the 8th Grade Video Game Arcade part one: This was the semi-final project -- students created a "fun" video game, -- try one, some are pretty fun and offer 30+ seconds of entertainment (these games use a java plug-in and take a while to load). Scratch is the most fun software I've taught in 15 years. More fun than Flash or iMovie or Google Sketchup.  Programming hurts your brain like know other activity I know of.

‎And here is 8th Grade Video Game Arcade part two: This was the final project -- students created a "fun-icational" video game that tied in to content classes. The good news is that you'll see there was some core knowledge reflected in the games. The bad news is the games themselves are *way* less creative that the "fun" games. Making an excellent "fun-icational" game is challenging.

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Jonathan Fichter said...

Thanks for sharing! I have marked a few of the new fun-i-cational games as my Scratch favorites! Correct me if I'm wrong: do both of the links in this blog post lead to the fun-i-cational games? I'd love to check out the pure arcade games, too! - Jonathan